Win - Win Opportunities

Thanks to constructive discussions in a series of bilateral workshops with representative stakeholders of 5 countries, Canada, China, Japan, Russia and US, several win-win opportunities have been identified for each of these countries. In the case of Japan, the results obtained in a previous EU funded CSA (SUstainable Network for Japan-Europe aerospace research and Technology cooperation II – SUNJET II, Grant Agreement ID: 640480) have been considered.


Clustered Domains of the Research Topics

In a nutshell


In what follows, the technical clusters of interest for each of the five countries are presented.



Which Countries? Which Clusters?

*While the same size of icons is used, the respective level of interest of the country for each cluster is not the same.



Other Countries

In addition to the bilateral dialogues with the five countries mentioned above, an assessment of potential cooperation opportunities with the remaining 16 countries in the ICARe perimeter was performed. Based on a detailed survey of the aviation landscape in these countries, the identified opportunities are depicted below: